it was 1973 when my dad decided to buy a house in the Mugello hills. It was the summer residence for my family, that is, for mom , dad, my sister Chiara, my brother Andrea and for the whole clique of friends who loved to spend their Sundays in joy. I had not yet been born, but in 1976 I arrived too, and from spring on we enjoyed the countryside, the stream and the animals in Mugello.

1991: Things changed in Mugello, the Bilancino Lake arrived, a large artificial lake but so well designed that it looked natural with the hills reflected in it and the blue of the Lake mixing with the green of the vegetation. People from Florence, Prato, and Pistoia immediately began to frequent it and noticed the beauty and enjoyment of this place.My father also fell in love with it and decided to buy a former Medici hunting house right on the shores of this Lake. The house was a ruin with plants inside and a thicket around it.

At the time, my father was 60 years old and although he started working at 14, he found the strength and energy to cultivate this renovate Borgo la Fratta and make it a place of relaxation and beauty.....From that moment, a long period of work lasting 8 years brought Borgo la Fratta to be what it is today !!!!

2007: we finished the other apartments and finished the pool. It was beautiful!!!! Customers were thrilled with it, it seemed from the pool to touch the lake because the view from the pool solarium was a window to the Lake.

It is the first accommodation facility on Lake Bilancino that is a new attraction for the entire Province of Florence and beyond.

Clients are happy, they have everything at their fingertips: Lake, green, 5 minutes to reach the highway entrance and go to Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa, Lucca, 5 minutes to have great restaurants, shopping at the Designer Outler, 15 minutes to go to the Mugello racetrack and Poggio dei Medici golf club. And Florence? 25 minutes by car and 40 by train...great.​

Could it be that my father's dream became mine too? I may have wandered around a lot, but in the end my childhood in Mugello was the experience that gave me the most peace and well-being.... these woods, this land, so ancient and so rich in flavors and above all true even in the harshness of its winters, with the clear air and the snow-capped pure poetry.​

Our History